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Supporting Sustainable Communities with Web-based Information Systems

J. T. Yao*, W. N. Liu, L. Fan, Y. Y. Yao and X. D. Yang

Department of Computer Science, University of Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 0A2, Canada

*Corresponding author. Email:


Computer and information technologies have been used to support human activities towards sustainable development. Sustainable community activities are multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral collaboration for solving environmental, economical and social problems in sustainable ways. However, the current supporting tools are independent and optimized to perform specific functions. This situation limits adaptability with respect to diversity and situational adaptation of sustainable community activities. The Web provides a foundation for supporting human activities and it helps users focus on the work they are trying to accomplish. This paper studies sustainable community activities and their relationships. Based on possible support to various activities, we propose a web-based support system for sustainable communities. It is hoped that the new system will satisfy the needs of sustainable communities.

Keywords: Semantic web, sustainable communities, web-based support systems, web services

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