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Modified Penalty Function and Parameterization for Solving Least-Cost Treatment of Wastewater

P. Sanongboon* and R. V. Mayorga

Faculty of Engineering, University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

*Corresponding author. Tel: +1 306 5854726 Fax: +1 306 5854855 Email:


This paper proposes a methodology consisting of modified penalty functions and proper parameterization for solving the least-cost treatment of wastewater. Basically, the penalty functions methods are used to handle constraints and can cause very ill-conditioning. With the proper penalty parameters, the ill-conditioned is overcome, a smoother optimization can be obtained, and convergence can be further improved. Once the modified penalty approach is employed, constraints are properly accounted for, and techniques for unconstrained global optimization can be utilized.

Keywords: constrained optimization, global optimum, parameterization, wastewater treatment

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