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Acoustic Pyrometry System for Environmental Protection in Power Plant Boilers

S. P. Zhang, L. S. An*, G. Q. Shen and Y. G. Niu

Key Laboratory of Condition Monitoring and Control for Power Plant Equipment Ministry of Education, North China Electric Power University, Beijing 102206, China

*Corresponding author. Tel: +86-10-61772366 Fax: +86-10-61772366 Email:


On-line monitoring of the distribution of the temperature field in a boiler furnace is important to reduce emissions that cause pollution and damage to the environment in power plants. Acoustic pyrometry, which is best suited for high temperature and dusty conditions, has been a very active research area recently. The present study provides a reconstruction technique of a two-dimensional temperature field through the measurements of multiple paths, which is used to monitor the combustion process in the boiler furnace. The geometric pixel division and the regularization algorithm were used to solve the reconstruction problem of temperature profile in many cases. Then, adopting this method, a temperature field monitoring system with multiple paths was developed and applied to a 330 MW unit (opposed wall firing). Through the long-term operations, it was proved that the acoustic pyrometer system could realize the visualization of temperature profile in the furnace.

Keywords: on-line monitoring, temperature field, acoustic pyrometry, geometric pixel division, regularization algorithm

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