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An Extended Two-stage Stochastic Programming Approach for Water Resources Management under Uncertainty

J. Nematian*

    Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tabriz, P.O. Box 51666-14766, Tabriz, Iran

Corresponding author. Tel: +98-41-33392457 Fax: +98-41-33354153 Email:


In this study, extended two-stage stochastic programming with fuzzy variables is developed for water resources management under uncertainty. First, the problem is formulated and solved by an extended interval-parameter two-stage stochastic programming (ITSP) approach for retrieving water shortages. To this end, some alternatives are considered to retrieve the difference between the quantities of promised water-allocation targets and the actual allocated water. An extended ITSP is then developed for the problem under the fuzzy uncertainty by using fuzzy variables and solved using fuzzy chance-constrained programming based on the idea of possibility theory. Furthermore, an illustrative example is also given to clarify the methods discussed in this paper.

Keywords: water resources management, water shortages, extended two-stage programming, fuzzy chance-constrained programming, possibility theory

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