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PLL Performance Evaluation Considering Power System Dynamics for Grid Connection of Renewable Power Generation

W. J. Du*, X. Chen, and H. F. Wang

    The State Key Laboratory of Alternate Electric Power Systems with New Energy Resources, North China Electric Power University, Changping District, Beijing, China, 102206

*Corresponding author. Tel.: +086 15510040887; fax: +086 1061771611. E-mail address: (W. J. Du).


Successful vector control for grid connection of renewable power generation relies on accurate and fast tracking of the voltage phase at the point of common coupling using a phase-locked loop (PLL). In this study, we propose a method to evaluate the effect of power system dynamics on the PLL performance. Simulation results demonstrate that the PLL performance is considerably affected by the power system dynamics, which is not observable under conventional test conditions considering a PLL connected to a three-phase voltage source. Therefore, we proposed an improved evaluation method considering the same source but integrating the system dynamics during evaluation. We expect that the proposed method will assist in the design of PLLs to improve the phase tracking of the voltage at the point of common coupling.

Keywords: first-swing stability, low-frequency oscillation, phase-locked loop, power system dynamics, power system simulation

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