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Special Issue: Modeling, Analysis and Control of Large-Scale Renewable Energy Systems
Guest Editors: J. Z. Liu and T. S. Bi
Prediction of the Standard Deviation of Wind Speed Turbulence PDF
G. R. Ren, J. F. Liu, J. Wan, Y. F. Guo, Q. H. Hu, D. R. Yu 1-13
A Generalized Model for Wind Turbine Faulty Condition Detection Using Combination Prediction Approach and Information Entropy PDF
J. S. Chen, W. G. Chen, J. Li, P. Sun 14-24
Improving Wind Power Utilization in System Dispatch Considering Output and Ramp Rate Dependent Generator Costs PDF
M. Y. Li, X. H. Zou, Y. G. Niu, W. Wang, J. Z. Liu 25-35
Equivalent Model for Calculating Fault Current from Inverter-Interfaced Renewable Energy Generators PDF
S. M. Liu, T. S. Bi, A. C. Xue, J. Z. Liu 36-44
A Stochastic-Process-Based Method for Assessing Frequency Regulation Ability of Power Systems with Wind Power Fluctuations PDF
Y. Guo, Q. Wang, D. Zhang, D. Yu, J. Yu 45-54
PLL Performance Evaluation Considering Power System Dynamics for Grid Connection of Renewable Power Generation PDF
W. J. Du, X. Chen, H. F. Wang 55-62