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A Web-Based Observatory for Biogeochemical Assessment in Coastal Regions PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL
M. Rodrigues, R. Martins, J. Rogeiro, A. B. Fortunato, A. Oliveira, A. Cravo, J. Jacob, A. Rosa, A. Azevedo, P. Freire 1-15
Development of A Universal Calibration Platform for Watershed Models Using Global Optimization PDF
L. Chen, W. Z. Wang, G. Y. Wei, K. Wang, H. B. Liu, L. M. Zhai, Z. Y. Shen 16-26
Data Driven Models as A Powerful Tool to Simulate Emerging Bioprocesses: An Artificial Neural Network Model to Describe Methanotrophic Microbial Activity PDF
A. AlSayed, M. Soliman, R. Shakir, E. Snieder, A. ElDyasti, U. T. Khan 27-40
A Non-Deterministic Integrated Optimization Model with Risk Measure for Identifying Water Resources Management Strategy PDF
S. Nie, C. Z. Huang, W. W. Huang, J. Liu 41-55
Evaluating Building Systems Energy Performance Superiority and Inferiority Ranking PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL
M. Marzouk, I. Abdelbasset, K. Al-Gahtani 56-67
Characterizing Impact Factors on the Performance of Data Assimilation for Hydroclimatic Predictions through Multilevel Factorial Analysis PDF
X. D. Lyu, Y. R. Fan 68-82