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Dye Pollutant Removal from Synthetic Wastewater: A New Modeling and Predicting Approach Based on Experimental Data Analysis, Kriging Interpolation Method, and Computational Intelligence Techniques PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL
M. Valikhan Anaraki, F. Mahmoudian, F. Nabizadeh Chianeh, S. Farzin 84-94
Spatial-Temporal Distribution of Disability-Adjusted Life-Years of Lung Cancer Attributable to Ambient PM2.5 in Guangzhou, China, 2010 ~ 2013: A Population-Based Study PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL
X. Lin, H. Dong, G. Z. Lin, Y. Li, Q. Y. Yang, Y. Liao, A. Luo, B. L. Liang, Z. C. Yang, Y. T. Hao 95-105
Reduction of Pollution through Sustainable and Flexible Production by Controlling By-Products PDF
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Toward An Assessment of Runoff and Thermal Connectivity in A River-Lake System within An Urban Environment PDF
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Technology Development for the Removal of Covid-19 Pharmaceutical Active Compounds from Water and Wastewater: A Review PDF
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EVI Indicated Spatial-Temporal Variations in Vegetation and Their Responses to Climatic and Anthropogenic Factors in the Chinese Mainland Since 2000s PDF
Z. Yuan, J. J. Xu, J. Chen, Y. Q. Wang, J. Yin 157-175