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A Mobile Instrumented Sensor Platform for Long-Term Terrestrial Ecosystem Analysis: An Example Application in an Arctic Tundra Ecosystem PDF
N. C. Healey, S. F. Oberbauer, H. E. Ahrends, D. Dierick, J. M. Welker, A. J. Leffler, R. D. Hollister, S. A. Vargas, C. E. Tweedie 1-10
Planning Water Resources Systems under Uncertainty Using an Interval-Fuzzy De Novo Programming Method PDF
D. Y. Miao, W. W. Huang, Y. P. Li, Z. F. Yang 11-23
The Effect of Dynamic Mortality Incorporated in BIOME-BGC on Modelling the Development of Natural Forests PDF
K. Merganičová, J. Merganič 24-31
Hemicellulose-Based Absorbent Toward Dye: Adsorption Equilibrium and Kinetics Studies PDF
J. Zhang, H. Xiao, Y. Zhao 32-38
A Comparison of Three Approaches to Predict Phytoplankton Biomass in Gonghu Bay of Lake Taihu PDF
J. C. Huang, J. F. Gao, W. M. Mooij, G. Hörmann, N. Fohrer 39-51
An Inexact Two-Stage Water Quality Management Model for Supporting Sustainable Development in a Rural System PDF
N. Zhang, Y. P. Li, W. W. Huang, J. Liu 52-64