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Assessing a Stochastic Fire Spread Simulator PDF
Willard J. Braun, Douglas G. Woolford, Douglas G. Woolford 1-12
Assessing the Effects of Land Use Changes on Non-Point Source Pollution Reduction for the Three Gorges Watershed Using the SWAT Model PDF
Y. Chen, S. Y. Cheng, L. Liu, X. R. Guo, Z. Wang, C. H. Qin, R. X. Hao, J. Lu, J. J. Gao 13-26
Simulating Hydrologic Impacts of Urban Growth Using SLEUTH, Multi Criteria Evaluation and Runoff Modeling PDF
A. S. Mahiny, K. C. Clarke 27-38
Solving Water Quality Management Problem through Combined Genetic Algorithm and Fuzzy Simulation PDF
T. Y. Xu, X. S. Qin 39-48
Electric Power System Planning under Uncertainty Using Inexact Inventory Nonlinear Programming Method PDF
M. Q. Suo, Y. P Li, G. H. Huang, D. L. Deng, Y. F. Li 49-67
Prediction of Ozone Concentration in Semi-Arid Areas of China Using a Novel Hybrid Model PDF
W. Y. Zhang, J. J. Wang, X. Liu, J. Z. Wang 68-77