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Analysis of Solution Methods for Interval Linear Programming PDF
G. H. Huang, M. F. Cao 54-64
Scenario-Based Methods for Interval Linear Programming Problems PDF
M. F. Cao, G. H. Huang 65-74
Integration of Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC) Model with Geographical Information System (GIS) Platform and Its Applications PDF
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GIS Development for Environmental Hazard Management Based on Gridding Management PDF
Z. L. Liao, Z. X. Xu, Y. X. Li, D. B. Wang, M. J. Borrebach 83-90
A Robust Test of Spatial Predictive Models: Geographic Cross-Validation PDF
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Temporal and Spatial Variations of Nutrients in Baiyangdian Lake, North China PDF
Y. Zhao, X. H. Xia, Z. F. Yang, N. Xia 102-108