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Assessing Canopy Phenological Variations and Gross Primary Productivity in A Savanna Ecosystem in Yuanjiang, Yunnan Province of Southwest China PDF
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A Comprehensive Review of Ontologies in the Hydrology Towards Guiding Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Applications PDF
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The Effects of Intra-Annual Variability of River Discharge on the Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Saltmarsh Vegetation at River Mouth Bar: Insights from an Ecogeomorphological Model PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL 1 SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL 2
S. Zhang, W. Gao, D. Shao, W. Nardin, C. Gualtieri, T. Sun 108-122
Numerical Modeling of Transboundary Groundwater Flow in the Bug and San Catchment Areas for Integrated Water Resource Management (Poland–Ukraine) PDF
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Differences in China Greening Characteristics and its Contribution to Global Greening PDF
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How Landscape Patterns Affect River Water Quality Spatially and Temporally: A Multiscale Geographically Weighted Regression Approach PDF SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL
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